About us March 2016




Mark Hilder was working as a mechanic in the Moomba workshops servicing oil and gas production plant. He saw the huge expense of importing from the USA and set up HIldabuilt in the early 1980’s to locally manufacture a range of specialized equipment for the industry. Hildabuilt had their first workshop at Hawker in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. This site was ideal as it was convenient to both Adelaide and the Cooper Basin. From the Hawker base, Mark produced high quality, custom and innovative solutions. As the quality and service became apparent, Hildabuilt easily diversified into Agriculture and Transport.  

Fast forward 30 years and Hildabuilt is still a vibrant and engaged business partner for the oil and gas industry. The main workshop now in metro Adelaide is setup to handle all of our projects with ease.  Mark Hilder whilst no longer on the tools is still part of our knowledge base and is called on regularly for his expertise. 

The Melrose park workshops comprise a fully equipped machine shop and fabrication workshop. We have qualified and experienced tradesmen to ensure the all work meets the highest quality standards.

You will find a piece of Hildabuilt equipment doing its job from Gabon-Africa, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand or the Australian outback. We even have equipment, DNV certified operating offshore on drilling platforms.